Los Padres
Santa Barbara, CA

Thru / 103 miles

Field notes by: Trevor Borden

This is an insane run. I originally mapped it out for a bike ride with some of my buddies but experiencing it on foot is unreal. We flew into the Santa Barbara airport on Sunday and caught the afternoon bus up to SLO. We grabbed dinner on the mainstret and after hanging about for a bit hitch hiked our way just south of town towards the hills. We spent the night on the edge of Highway243 and were amazed by how few cars passed throughtout the night...



When to go

October - May


4 - 8 days

Getting there

Nearest Airport: Santa Barbara
Then bus up to San Luis Obispo

Distance and Elevation

103 miles
max-elevation: 6340ft

Good to know

California has been in a season of drought for the past few years. Water will be a challenge


Numerous little springs along route. We use the Sawyer Squeeze Filter for filtration.